Author Bio

Photo by Charlie Hintz of Mental Shed Studios

J. Nathan Couch grew up in the foothills of Northern Georgia’s Appalachian mountains. Given the area’s rich tradition of ghost stories and folklore, it’s no wonder he developed a passion for the bizarre and the unexplained.

Nathan is currently a resident of West Bend, Wisconsin, a member of the Paranormal Investigation and Research Society, and is owner and tour guide of the Downtown West Bend Ghost Walks.

In addition to his paranormal credentials, Nathan is a freelance writer and poet, member of the Wisconsin Writer’s Association, the Washington County Writer’s Club, and the Moraine Writer’s Guild.

He has completed many short story manuscripts, primarily in the urban fantasy, magical realism, and horror genres. He’s also written articles for the Washington County Historical Society,  Creative Wisconsin Magazine, and numerous websites. Presently he’s a regular contributor at Wisconsin Sickness.

Photo Credit: Charlie Hintz (Mental Shed Studios)

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