Two Investigations, Historical Research, and Strange Lights in West Bend

December 9th, 2011

Work on the project has not ceased. Between work on the book and various holiday obligations I’ve had scarce time to update this blog. I hope to return to regular updates starting tonight. This website is a wonderfully designed tool that should not be squandered.

Since I last posted I’ve been on two different paranormal investigations with my fellow Paranormal Investigation and Research Society members at locations to be featured in the book.  At the end of November we were at a location in Hartford (the name of the location will be released after we go over evidence with the client). I as well as another group member each had a personal experience. I had a glimpse of what I thought to be a small human apparition. The other felt as if she’d been touched  by an icy hand twice after asking the entity to do so.

A week ago tomorrow we visited the Healing Elements Day Spa in West Bend. The employees have been having unsettling encounters there for years. Objects have been seen moving seemingly on their own power, apparitions have been glimpsed, even some strange orbs of light caught changing direction in midair by security cameras. While there we found some very strange EMF readings, and in one room in particular our walkytalkies would malfunction so badly they’d have to be shut off.  There was a plethora of odd experiences, all of which will appear in the book. We’re still reviewing evidence, perhaps we captured something? A big “thank you” goes out to the folks at Healing Elements for sharing their story and letting PIRS investigate.

The rest of the work I’ve been doing on the book has been far less dramatic. I’ve been putting more of the first draft down on paper. Now that winter is here I’ve also begun historical research. I recently went to the Washington County Historical Society and found some very interesting facts regarding West Bend’s Washington House, as well as it’s creator Balthasar Goetter. I plan to make myself quiet the fixture in their research center over the coming months.

I’d also like to post a big “thank you” to everyone who’s been contacting me from this website. Citizens of the county continue to provide me with tips for possible haunts as well as their own experiences. For instance, I recently received a report of strange amber lights spotted floating over a field off Paradise Road in West Bend earlier this year.  The witness interpreted the sighting as a UFO encounter. What I found most interesting is her description matched my own personal sighting of an amber orb of a light in the night sky over West Bend in 2008. If anyone else has saw these lights, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Earlier this week I was contacted by a library assistant who’s been using my website as a source for a weekend occult seminar. A young class member discovered a website he found useful. The woman who contacted me asked if I’d include it here so that her student might know his hard work has been noticed. It has. Here’s the page entitled “Famous Haunted Houses.”

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