All Hallow’s Read

September 26th, 2011

Author Neil Gaiman has started a cultural movement which I hope is extremely successful. “All Hallow’s Read” is a new Halloween tradition in which people give scary books to friends and family as Halloween presents during the week of Halloween.

There are several reasons I am behind this particular project.

  • Halloween is the greatest holiday ever
  • Getting a book as a gift excites me
  • Giving a book is a very rewarding experience
  • This isn’t intended to replace Trick or Treat.

I also consider this to be a wonderful opportunity to get your children in the habit of reading. The particulars of All Hallow’s Read is best explained here.

Please help this tradition gain footing by telling your friends about it, and by giving a few scary books (paranormal or otherwise) away this October.

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  1. Mike says:

    Your doing an awesome job with the site. I’m looking forward to reading your finished work.

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