Brothels, Effigy Mounds, Haunted Hotels and More

October 3rd, 2011
J. Nathan Couch's corpse at Madam Belle's in Richfield

Here’s some updates on the making of “Washington County Paranormal.”

The first draft of Lizard Mound County Park is complete. Lizard Mound is an amazing place. Before I began my research I thought very highly of the park, but now that I know even more about it I can’t wait until it reopens next year. I’ve been researching the park’s history, as well as the Effigy Mound Builders that dotted the Wisconsin landscape with enigmatic mounds resembling panthers, birds, and turtles.  I’ve always felt some sort of energy is there. I’m still not sure what sort of energy it is, but I have a deeper appreciation for it.  I was recently contacted via this website by a woman with a wonderful, frightening story. After reading what she wrote I know I’ll always go there with respect in my heart. I’d hate to experience what her and her family did.

I went to Madam Belle’s Silver Dollar Saloon in Richfield last week. The former brothel was recently featured on a Fox 6 News story out of Milwaukee. The food was wonderful as was the staff. Myself and other PIRS members spent the night there investigating it along with our friends from the Wisconsin Area Paranormal Society. That picture of me up above was taken there. Any saloon that comes complete with gallow’s humor built-in is my type of establishment. We’re still digging through the evidence. So far we’ve found several unusual photographs, but are they proof of a haunting? The jury is still out.  Since the investigation I’ve gotten several pages of Madam Belle’s story down. Will the piece end with us finding the ghost of Belle herself? I hope so.

The Washington County Historical Society’s “Ghosts of Washington County” fundraiser is in just two and half weeks (give or take a day or two). I’ll be volunteering there for the fourth straight year as an actor in their Haunted Jailhouse. Come out and let me scare you for a good cause. More info can be found on the “Events” page of this site.

I’ll also be giving a talk at the West Bend Community Memorial Library October 29th. I’ll be talking about the upcoming book and some of the bizarre stories I’ve uncovered during research. You can find specifics regarding that FREE event on the “Events” page here as well.

Lastly I met with a wonderful young woman named Crystal earlier this week. She shared many personal paranormal experiences with me. Reading about a haunting is one thing, hearing about it from someone who has lived through it is another. Thanks to her the book will have a haunted hotel story. What legend tripper’s guide would be complete without one?

The work continues, and it continues as a labor of love. While this project has been anything but easy it will be an experience I never forget. Thank you all for your continuing support!

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