The Washington County Legend Trip: A Ride on the Strange Side

April 16th, 2012
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I love paranormal tourism. The first thing I do when I go on vacation is see if there are any ghost tours available in the city I’ll be visiting. At Halloween, I look for ghost walks first, haunted houses second.

You can probably see how I came up with the idea of the Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk as a way to raise funds for the new book. In addition to these walks, however, I’ll also be hosting a bus tour this summer in conjunction with the Washington County Historical Society called: “the Washington County Legend Trip: A Ride on the Strange Side.”

The idea for this event came about last October. While volunteering at the Historical Society’s Halloween program. The Society’s director asked about my progress, and somehow or another she mentioned a bus tour. I commented that I’d been kicking around a similar idea, and now we’re just a few months away from it. This is a complete NIGHT of entertainment, which includes food, drink specials, contests, a free tee shirt, a tour which takes you from West Bend, to Hartford, to Erin, to Richfield, to Jackson and back again.

I cannot stress this enough: due to the nature of the event, you can’t go without advance registration and payment. The Society has to order your tee shirts and meals in advance.

Here are the details:

JULY 14, 2012

Local author & paranormal investigator J. Nathan Couch, guides you on a journey to places in southern Washington County that harbor bottomless lakes, spook lights, and cryptid sightings. Look for cemetery ghost lights – Dine with a murdered prostitute – Search for the Bearwolf – Encounter the Goat Man (?) – MORE!

Meet at the Old Courthouse Museum, 320 S. 5th Avenue, West Bend at 5:00pm. We’ll return to Old Courthouse Museum around 10:00pm.

Bring your camera! You’ll never know what you’ll encounter!

$40.00/person, $35/Washington County Historical Society member. Cash or check. Sorry, we cannot process cards.

Price includes:
Dinner at the haunted (?) Tally Ho Pub & Grill, Trivia Game and Prizes, an exclusive tour T-Shirt (by Mental Shed Studios), happy hour drink specials at Madame Belle’s (also haunted?) Silver Dollar Saloon.

REGISTRATION and PAYMENT REQUIRED by June 29, 2012. Download a registration sheet HERE!

This is going to be such a blast, I can’t wait. See you there!


Exclusive to "Washington County Legend Trip" guests!


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