Critique Phase Almost Over

April 30th, 2012

I’ve been so busy fundraising for the book these past couple of weeks I just realized I’ve not updated you fine folks on the progress of the manuscript.

Last month I sent out hard copies of the first draft to several peers for critique. This book is all I’ve thought about, and nearly the only thing I’ve written for almost a year now. While the subject matter is near and dear to me, not more than a few hours in a row have passed when I’ve not been either thinking about the manuscript, or working on it. At a certain point an author gets so caught up in the material that he or she cannot see its flaws. I now know the legends and histories in this book so intimately that it’s difficult to understand if the material is missing something. Does a certain essay make sense because it’s well written? Or does it only make sense if the reader already has detailed knowledge of the legend? I’ve gotten through all of these critiqued manuscripts except one, and I’ve altered the text accordingly where I believe it was necessary. Once I finish with the final critique, I’ll re-read the manuscript once more and then its off to a copy editor for it’s final clean up (which will take 4-6 weeks).

Several things will be happening while I anxiously await my manuscript’s return:

1) Testimonials for the book will be secured from various authors and experts

2) Book artwork will be finalized with the deranged geniuses at Mental Shed Studios

3) The book’s back cover blurb will be written; you know, that nifty text on the back that explains why the book you’re holding is going to thrill you, change your life, and make you more attractive to whichever sex you’d like to be more attractive to.

Once all this is done, it’s time to start putting it all together. Then, it’s time to sit, sweat, and see if it succeeds.

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