Legend Tripping Eagle Road Cemetery

March 18th, 2012
Monument, Eagle Road Cemetery, Juneau, WI

Spring sprang early in Wisconsin this year. It’s officially time to start legend tripping. Last weekend I drove to Juneau, in Dodge County to visit a location featured in Chad Lewis’s Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations, Eagle Road Cemetery.

According to Lewis’s research various phenomena have been reported including cold spots and apparitions at night, but the most unique and unsettling is bleeding from the hands or arms after visiting the cemetery. Catholics might recognize this phenomena as stigmata. For those who aren’t Catholic (like me) stigmata is the mysterious, sudden or repeated appearance of scars, sores, or open wounds corresponding with the crucifixion of Christ.

Upon arriving at Eagle Road Cemetery (whose true name is Evangelical Church Cemetery or Tabor Cemetery), I immediately noticed a sign warning that the cemetery closes at sunset. So much for investigating the nighttime phenomena. As enticing as it would be to visit the Eagle Road Cemetery past sundown that’d violate the Rules of Legend Tripping.

Having to settle for a diurnal┬áinvestigation I wondered around the old cemetery snapping pictures.┬áI captured no apparitions on camera, not even an orb. There were no cold spots, and a week later and I’ve yet to have a sudden outbreak of stigmata; however, the success of a legend trip doesn’t come from finding the legend, it comes from the experience.

There’s something wonderful about an old cemetery like the one on Eagle Road. While people have been buried there rather recently, a majority of the graves are being overtaken by time and nature. Many have split from weathering, or have nearly been swallowed up by the terrain. At first I felt sad, but that quickly changed to comfort. It’s a stark reminder that time marches ever onward, and nothing, not even a grave, lasts forever.

Driving Directions from West Bend
Source: The Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations by Lewis, Chad. (2004).

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