In the News: Paranormal Activity on the Decline?

March 10th, 2012

I read an interesting story out of Poland recently. “Poland’s only officially registered ghost hunter” Piotr Shalkevitz  from Chrzanow is of the opinion that the spirit world is “giving up on mankind.”

Here’s a quote from Piotr from the Australian Times Online News article, regarding the reasoning of said spirits. “”Maybe they think we aren’t worth saving, and they have given up trying to tell us whatever it was they wanted us to know.”

Piotr is trying to gather a census on paranormal activity to monitor any rise and fall in activity. Certainly a new idea. You can read the full HERE.

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One Response to “In the News: Paranormal Activity on the Decline?”

  1. Ghost says:

    Thanks for sharing, that was a very interesting read. Also, only so nobody is confused, I believe you meant the Austrian Times.

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