John Edward Radcliffe Writes Foreword

May 6th, 2012

I’m very excited right now. I’ve just received an email from Wisconsin author and storyteller John Edward Radcliffe, who’s agreed to write the foreword for the book. John and I met at the Washington County Writer’s Club. He’s a great writer and even greater storyteller. John and I both have a powerful love for folklore, mythology, and Neil Gaiman stories, so I’m glad he’s agreed to take time away from working on his current manuscript to write a few words about my little ghosty book.

John’s the author of “Storms of the Scottish Isles,” a collection of brilliantly written stories about the strange creatures reported to inhabit the isolated and little known islands around Scotland. Here’s an excerpt from “Storms“…

“Rain pours into the coffin, matting the dress, the hair, and the noose against the body. Mud washes over the brink of the hole into the grave and dirty runoff forms rivulets like those of a volcanic eruption. A slurry of mud pours from the peat pile into the pressing crowd.

 Lightning illuminates the scene as if a flash camera is snapping shots for the morning news. Thunder roars to a crescendo drumming out all conversation. The crowd closes in to get a better view of the monstrosity, those closest nearly falling into the box, only to be repelled in terror as the corpse suddenly sits bolt upright, eyes wide open, and screams over the howl of the wind and the crack of the lightning, “Why d‘ya na leave me alone!”

Consider buying John’s book. I promise you’ll not be disappointed. It’s available HERE.


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