Legend Tripping Bray Road

September 21st, 2011

Bray Road may be the single most notorious road in all of Wisconsin.  And why not? How many roads can lay claim to being the stomping grounds of a real, live werewolf?

While the “real, live” statement up above is always hotly debated no one can deny that a creature resembling a werewolf has been reported numerous times along a lonesome stretch of Walworth County.

The initial outbreak of sightings first occured in the late 1980s and the creature is still being spotted.  Theories surrounding “The Beast” of Bray Road are numerous. Some cryptozoologists theorize it’s an unknown species of dog, some a long (supposedly) extinct species of pre-historic wolf.

Individuals who consider it more of a paranormal creature rather than a zoological abnormality think it could be a Native American animal spirit (given it’s habit of hanging out around ancient burial grounds) or maybe just to an actual honest-to-God shapeshifter.

While no one really agrees on what it is, or even if it really is, “The Beast” has become one of the America’s most famous monsters. The Beast of Bray Road surely can hold it’s snout up high along side such heavy hitters as Bigfoot, The Goat Sucker, and the Jersey Devil.

For more information on this incredibly well documented lycanthrope consult one or many of Linda S. Godfrey’s book “Beast of Bray Road” or “Strange Wisconsin”.

It’s always a good idea to be learned in the ways of the Werewolf, after all Washington County is rumored to be home to a potential long lost relative of “The Beast”, otherwise known as the Bearwolf.  For directions to Bray Road from West Bend click HERE.

Here’s a trailer for a very sensational, not terribly accurate, 2006 horror aptly named “The Beast of Bray Road”.

Beast of Bray Road trailer


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