Richfield Man Planned to Impale Children

October 10th, 2011

While doing research for this book I’ve found all kinds of weird stuff. Some I can use in the book, a lot I can’t. One item I’ve found I can’t use but I need to share is “Day the Impaler.”

I found an article about him archived on the Weird Wisconsin Yahoo group. Here’s an excerpt:

“In something straight out of a TV thriller, Day, a convicted sex offender, allegedly hatched a plot from behind bars to have his 12-year-old victim’s mother kidnapped and killed unless the boy recanted his testimony. After police got wind, he switched to even more brutal tactics: hire someone to kidnap the boy himself and his siblings — and have them impaled unless the governor pardoned him and he got $1 million, investigators say…”

Read the rest of the article here… just goes to show you don’t know who’s living in Smalltown, WI.

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