Suckey and Ellie

September 2nd, 2012

When I began researching the upcoming book I relied heavily on this website to point me in right direction. It is only because of Washington County residents that Washington County Paranormal: A Wisconsin Legend Trip was possible for me to write. Many people were so enthusiastic to tell me which bars, restaurants, parks, and highways harbored ghosts, curses, and monsters.

I also received many detailed, intimate stories that didn’t quiet fit with the book’s mission. Stories of haunted houses in particular wouldn’t work, simply because they were private residences, and I couldn’t simply print someone’s home address and encourage people to drive by a gawk. Others didn’t fit simply because they were from other counties, even states.

I’ve decided to publish a few of them here on the site for everyone to enjoy. Here’s the first of several such posts you’ll be seeing.

Story submitted by “T.V.”

My family used to live a house that was occupied by two children spirits.  When we moved into the house my youngest daughter had “imaginary friends.”  She was 2 years old at the time.

We didn’t think much of it until she described how they died.  “The boy has a bloody face and cannot hear out of one of his ears because of the gun shot.  He looks like a ball when not in a mirror, but wears old clothes when i see him in a mirror”.  Obviously a two year old shouldn’t be this descriptive.  She described the girl as dying because she was sick.  My daughter called them Suckey and Ellie.

Over 8 years in the home, we experienced voices, things flying off the wall across the room, music coming from nowhere, perfume smells, cold spots, clothes being tugged on, being touched, and battery operated toys going off when they did not have batteries.  I even conversed with them using the battery operated toy (without batteries); like you would with a flashlight (turn on if yes, etc).

The toy went off one night which woke me up and there was a fire right outside our house.  if i hadn’t work up; it probably would have lit the house on fire.  We had a psychic come into the house (gave him no information) and he confirmed two children in the house.  The young boy died from abuse from his father; he was hit in the face with a blunt object – metal plate used in photography in the 1800’s.  They young girl did die from an illness. He believed the music we heard came from here because he stated her mother used to sing to her when sick.  The psychic stated the young girl sensed the boy when sick and stayed behind when she passed to protect him.  The psychic also stated the names of the children were something like T Stuchonovic (boy) and the girls name was Elliana.

We were not able to keep the house and our biggest concern was leaving the two spirits.  My daughter saw them over the entire eight years we lived there.  We were able to get photographs of orbs and mists through out our time there.  when researching the house, we discovered there was a photography studio on that property in the late 1800’s.  It was not our existing house; but rather another one that was torn down.  We were not able to find any thing on Elliana though.  I never finished researching house so it may be out there; we don’t know.

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