That First Draft Whatchahoozits

December 30th, 2011

For those of you who’ve read more than one of these blogs or you “like” the book’s Facebook page then you’ve likely heard me say I’m working on the “first draft” of the book countless times. I think perhaps I should explain what that means. I doubt anyone reading this doesn’t know that a “first draft” is where you get your ideas down on paper. Once that’s complete you re-write, and re-write, and re-write, and likely re-write some more.  However given this book’s dynamic nature and the fact that I’m still looking for people to come forward with any paranormal experiences they may of had at a certain location, I’d like to plainly state what I mean when I say “the first draft” of a particular piece is finished.

The first draft of any particularly essay I’ve written is largely paranormal experiences. For instance, when I wrote the first draft for Old West Bend City Hall in (located in down town West Bend on 6th Ave). I wrote an essay based entirely on the experiences of one witness. A couple of months later others came forward who’d  also experienced paranormal phenomena there. Then earlier this week, I went to the Washington County Historical Society and gathered any historical data that might prove useful or interesting. Of course there is also the chance others will come forward with more experiences. When I go back and write the second draft in a couple of months I’ll be incorporating not only historical information but more paranormal goodness as well.

With that said, if you see that I’ve finished the first draft of the Hogback Road piece but the Goat Man has just ripped the door off your minivan you still have an opportunity to let me know for the book. And by the way if anyone out there has had large chunks of their automobile dismantled by a Satyr you can contact me HERE.

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