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November 7th, 2011

When I first decided to write this book I wasn’t sure if there was enough content out there. Though I had lived in the county since 2007, I had heard very little about the local legends and haunts. So, I made the scope of the book very broad. If it was paranormal and it happened in Washington County, I would consider putting it in the book.

Now that I’m nearing the 100 page mark of the first draft the book is taking shape. As everything sits at the moment, Washington County Paranormal will be a sort of legend tripper’s guide. The focus of the book will be businesses or public places. Locations that I can publish directions to without betraying the privacy of any individual. Of course, the book will be much more than a collection of a couple of paragraphs, a map, and some vague driving directions. A full essay on each location will proceed these travel aids, of course. This will be a book you read first, and use after.

However this leaves me with an interesting problem. So many people have sent me information regarding haunted homes. The wonderful woman I met at the West Bend Community Memorial Library who told me about the ghost who lifted an overturned lawn-mower from off her. The young lady who’s home was haunted by the spirit of a crying infant. The man who’s home was haunted by poltergeists that loved playing with his child’s toys.  These are stories that I want to include, that should be included. What to do? I’m considering an essay in which I condense these “haunted house” stories, or if there is room, an entire “Directions Not Included” chapter in back devoted to haunted houses.

One thing is certain, though. I enjoy hearing about all of these paranormal experiences immensely, whether they be at a business, a county park, or a private residence. Do continue to share your experiences with me. While I can’t guarantee it will be used in the book, I can guarantee that I am honored to receive it, and thrilled to read it.

P.S. I’ve been taken on as contributing writer at Wisconsin Sickness. My first article is up. They sent me down to Milwaukee to review The M.U.T.E.S. and Angry Young Men, LTD’s “Night of the Living Dead: The Puppet Show.” You can read the review here.

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