The Mysterious Stacked Stones of Bloody Bride Bridge (Stevens Point, WI)

January 19th, 2012
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Now that I’m deeply immersed in writing this legend tripper’s guide I find myself thinking back to past legend trips I’ve taken. Often the most enjoyable part of legend tripping is getting to the legend. Traveling somewhere new, enjoying new restaurants, meeting new people. My trip to Stevens Point back in 2008 is one trip that I’ll remember more for what happened once I reached my destination.

It was a Sunday and my wife and I were driving home from a weekend in Park Falls, attending a friend’s wedding. We’d decided weeks previously that on the way back we should do some legend tripping. One legend I was particularly interested in was Bloody Bride Bridge. It seemed a fitting place to visit having just witnessed a friend tie-the-knot.

The bridge is located on Highway 66 crossing Plover River and is supposedly haunted by a ghost known only as “The Bloody Bride.”. A young woman was supposedly killed there in a car accident on the night of her wedding. Drive down “Bloody Bride Road” and you may see her gruesome specter standing alongside the road, her white dress stained scarlet.  If you’re truly brave and stop your car on the bridge past Midnight you’ll see the gory woman and the spirit of her groom sitting in your backseat, staring into your rear view mirror.

Unfortunately we arrived in Steven’s Point in mid-afternoon. There’d be no late-night dares for us. A concrete walking path follows the road and allows one to safely walk out onto the bridge despite traffic. We stood there a moment or two looking down at the river when my wife noticed a peculiar stack of rocks beside the water. Then another. I spotted several as well. Together the stacks totaled nearly a dozen. I grabbed the camera and snapped photos of the most impressive ones before my little clearance sale digital camera was filled up. I wanted to photograph more but deleting wedding photos, I was told, wasn’t an option.

Upon closer inspection I couldn’t determine any logical way these stones could be balanced as they were, though, as ashamed as I am to say, I didn’t actually touch the stones in fear of angering the Bloody Bride. This was back before I’d worked up enough gumption to spend entire nights in haunted locations all for the sake of writing a book. If I could go back and touch those stones, I would. Every time I think of that day I wonder if those stones were a hoax. While I couldn’t see any device or substance holding them in place, I can’t say there wasn’t. I’ll always regret that day but at least I have the mystery. And what fun is life without the mysteries?

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10 Responses to “The Mysterious Stacked Stones of Bloody Bride Bridge (Stevens Point, WI)”

  1. Dove says:

    Stevens Point is a college town. They stack stones around here all the time. Sorry, it’s no big mystery.

    • Nathan says:

      If that’s true it’s still mysterious to me. I’ve lived in numerous college towns, and I’ve never encountered recreational stone stacking.

  2. Georgia says:

    I encoutered what I thought to be the Bloody Bride. We were parked on the road at 12 midnight (as instructed) and mysterious fog began to creep across the road, in only one spot. At this time I got scared and left.

  3. Tiffani says:

    I am here today and saw 2 stacks… Weird

  4. […] this stretch of County Highway 66 is known as “Bloody Bride Road” because of a tragic accident that occurred there long ago. Although local law enforcement […]

  5. […] this stretch of County Highway 66 is known as “Bloody Bride Road” because of a tragic accident that occurred there long ago. Although local law enforcement […]

  6. Bugsy Gross says:

    She was my grandmother’s (on my mom’s side) sister. Strange that there’s no record of it – I, as well as the rest of my family, have always known about it. Her name was Bernice (Bonnie) Bannach. She was born on August 7th 1937 in Stevens Point, and she died on her wedding night – November 10th 1956.

  7. Mikaylee says:

    Well my best friend and I, attend college at University Of Wisconsin Madison, and on our break, she wanted us to go to haunted attractions around Wisconsin because we are thrill seekers. So I stayed till a little after midnight, and like Georgia said, we saw fog creep across the street. Then we looked through the rear view mirror and made out what we thought to be the Bloody Bride herself. It was really scary yet very interesting. The next morning, we drove past again, and my windows fogged up. Spooky.

  8. Kelly says:

    If Bonnie Bannach was the bloody bride in Stevens Point then why do her death records say she died in Appleton?

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