The Tours

“Marilyn Stark had a scarily good time on the tour.
I liked the way [J. Nathan Couch] told the stories, leaving it open to your own interpretation, whether or not you believe in the paranormal or not.’ she said.” – from “Local Haunts Thrill County” by Linda McAlpine, West Bend Daily News, 07-17-12, RE: The Washington County Legend Trip bus tour.

“Christy Mohr of Cedarburg said… ‘I thought the history was very interesting,’ she said. ‘It was really fun.'” -from “Ghost Walk Draws Skeptics and Believers” by Linda McAlpine, West Bend Daily News, 04-27-12, RE: Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk.

“J. Nathan Couch has put Washington County on the map–paranormally speaking, that is.” -from “WC45: Washington County 45 on the Move by Linda McAlpine, Washington County Sunday Post.

Advance Praise for the Book

 “Washington County Paranormal is a fascinating read!  It’s an indispensable guide to bizarre legends, creepy cryptids, and, my favorite, local ghost stories.  What a great way to celebrate Wisconsin’s rich, folkloric heritage!” – Allison Jornlin,

“Nathan’s dry wit and delight in the macabre make him a fascinating storyteller… Washington County Paranormal  is the perfect book for those who want to learn more about the history and mystery surrounding Washington County’s most chilling tales.” – Patricia Lutz, Executive Director, Washington County Historical Society.


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