In the News: Paranormal Activity on the Decline?

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

I read an interesting story out of Poland recently. “Poland’s only officially registered ghost hunter” Piotr Shalkevitz  from Chrzanow is of the opinion that the spirit world is “giving up on mankind.”

Here’s a quote from Piotr from the Australian Times Online News article, regarding the reasoning of said spirits. “”Maybe they think we aren’t worth saving, and they have given up trying to tell us whatever it was they wanted us to know.”

Piotr is trying to gather a census on paranormal activity to monitor any rise and fall in activity. Certainly a new idea. You can read the full HERE.

State of the Book Address I

Monday, September 19th, 2011

The actual writing process has slowed a little bit, but the work continues. I’ve not added a single word to the first draft this week but the work has not ceased though.

I’ve spent some time at the Washington County Historical Society researching Lizard Mound Park. Its history is captivating. Animal effigies created for reasons unknown by an enigmatic people, vandalism, grave robbing, and ghosts. I’ll be starting on the first draft of this piece shortly. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this piece.

I’ve also continued to gather useful information from county residents. I’ll be meeting with a couple of individuals later this month to hear their stories.

Later this month I’ll be going on an investigation with fellow P.I.R.S. investigators. We’ll be going to Madam Belle’s Silver Dollar Saloon, looking for the ghost of Belle herself. I’m extremely excited to be going to a bar that used to be supposedly frequented by Al Capone. Even if the ghosts are quiet, I’m told the food alone is worth the trip. This is one claim I hope we can’t debunk.

In addition to my work on the book I’ve other obligations coming up. The WCHS’s “Ghosts of Washington County” Halloween fund raiser is a little more than a month away (Oct. 21-22). I’ll be haunting the Old Sheriff’s Residence and Jail for the fourth year in a row. Do consider coming out and supporting the Society. “Ghosts” is always a highlight of my year. The only thing more exciting than looking for ghosts is pretending to be one.

Until next time,

J. Nathan Couch.

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